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Dèagol and his Hat's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Dèagol and his Hat's LiveJournal:

Thursday, March 27th, 2003
12:41 am
You know, I really think that...
Smeagol's house is Hell. It just is. I have to spend a whole weekend here helping with the children. I think Smeagol is actually what makes it worse than it'd normally be, truth be told. Twelve little hobbits is a lot to manage (especially if they keep trying to bring worms in to tear the house apart, CAH, three times already! And they know better!) But it'd be easier if he didn't go off his hinges, tempt me, or otherwise sour the mood with his seriousness so often.

I think that's what it is, yes. He's just so charming sometimes that you'd not expect it but he's just as serious as they come. I'm glad to have a moment to myself. I think maybe the most annoying part is when some of the other relatives pop in and out for important things and give us looks like we shouldn't be rearin' children no ways. I'd say to them they could take the babes off our hands and rear them as they like but they best not give me them looks when they espressly asked for someone's help!

...No, that's not fair. They wanted Smeagol to do it and I just happened to show up to help. I do wonder though, it wasn't just me they gave them looks to. They actually like me better than their own kin, if that much! But I really hates how they always seem surprised to see me around and I suppose they think I'm too stupid or clumsy to be helping him out when I does. I forgot to button my jacket up straight again this morning, silly me. But it's not always that way, I swears it! Just... ugh, tonight when I have to wake up to a cryin' child or two what have a tummy-ache or a nightmare, it's gonna be worse the next day for me, I knows it. *sighs*

No end to it. None, I say. Oh well! I ain't never havin' progeny, for several reasons, so I suppose I might as well get my fill, good and bad, while I can. Not that I really want to. Bein' nice and watchin' my two younger brothers now and then was bad enough when I was just a young lad myself. I wonder if my parents did that to the oldest in my little family? That'd be my sister Wisteria. (Bless her heart for she's happily married now.) Well, if she ever had to look after me and my older sister Hyacinth when we was just wee bairns then all I can say is that I suppose we might as well spread the joy around.

Mun's Note: I know Wisteria are not native to anything anywhere near Great Britian but if Tolkien can have corn in any part of Middle-Earth (which I guess is technically akin to Eurasia) then I think I can get away with adding a few Wisteria plants that weren't ever mentioned! ;) I uhh... currently forget if Hyacinth's are remotely native too, but... *RUNS AWAY WHEN YOU'RE DISTRACTED*

But hi! I'm hoping we can get them little ones into bed soon enough. I found somethin' right fine over by the edge of the Barley fields earlier today and I ain't had no chance to tell Smeagol afore somethin' else makes me forget. What I found's not on their lands, either, so I says it's mine now! I knows where the line is drawn, see, even if they just smiles at me and nod and decide to tell me every step of the way if I'm still on the other side or not. Feh! *spits at the grass around him in contempt, currently outside the slightly stuffy hobbit hole (simply from so many folks living there) and having a breather*

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
1:31 am
I gots me Smeagol back! *does a little jig* ...Wait, when did I lose him?

*looks puzzled, takes his hat off, then starts scratching his head*

... Hmmm! *shrugs and goes back to bouncing around like a fool for a few more minutes*

Though I really *a bit out of breath* don't think the story of me an' him is anythin' that would interest people! Other than ourselves, I means. *grins anyway though*

Current Mood: energetic
Thursday, March 20th, 2003
12:12 am
You wants it, eh?
It has come to my attention that Gollum... Smeagol... WHATEVER... is a double-dealing, lying, cheating bastard. ... Wait, I already knew that. ... It has come to my attention that THAT FREAK is... uhh... a freak. I'm not good at insulting people.

Current Mood: apathetic
Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
11:20 pm
I finally decided to give everyone my status. After taking a week or so to reach Eru, I begged him to be alive again or somesuch. And he did it! ... I guess he was bored. Anywho, here I am. I'm gonna kick your teeth in if you come near me, Smeagol. I love you, you stupid bastard.

Current Mood: anxious
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